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[freewnn:00255] Re: Installation problem


My English is very very broken. :-)

In [freewnn : No.00251]
  Dror Rotter <rdror@fujitsu.co.il> wrote:

| I failed to install FreeWnn-1.10.tar.gz on my sparc solaris machine.
| #error "No DATAMODEL_NATIVE specified"
| Please your help.

 I think this is gcc problem.

 see "Solaris 2 Frequently Asked Questions: 5.10".

> 5.10 When compiling, I get "No DATAMODEL_NATIVE specified"?
>  There are two typical causes for this; one is compiling with a bad    
>  install of gcc (See 5.9). The other possible cause is installing BIND
>  4.x or 8.x header files, e.g., by running "make install". You can     
>  check this with "pkgchk SUNWhea"; if this returns any errors, you need
>  to recover the damaged include file from the original installation    
>  media.