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[freewnn:00353] FreeWnn-1.1.1-a015; msg_open; libwnn.msg


Judging from the way libwnn.msg files are parsed, they must *not*
contain any blank lines.  Two for loops in msg_open() in

        for(dp = data ; *dp != '\t'; dp++);     /* msg_id:message\n */

terminate normally *only* if they see a tab.  With blank lines or
ill-formatted lines (i.e. lines without a tab), these loops keep
searching beyond a null terminator and eventually cause an access
violation.  The easiest workaround is to just remove those blank lines
from the libwnn.msg files.

I tried FeeWnn-1.1.1-a015 on the following two systems:

1. Sun Ultra 5 + Solaris 2.7 + gcc 2.95.2
2. Sun SS 5 + Solaris 2.4 + egcs 2.91.60

Somehow it worked ok on system 1.  The jserver did crash at startup
(in msg_open) on system 2, but it worked without problems after I
removed two blank lines from the /usr/local/lib/wnn/ja_JP/libwnn.msg.


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