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[freewnn:00768] need help ! please !

Konnichiha minna san !

my name is nicolas
I'm a new Japanese student ( so if possible , i'd like you to answer me 
in english ) , and a new comer in the Linux world, i need help! :)
i've installed a Mandrake8.1 Linux lately because it's a very recent 
distribution, ( before i have tryed the Kondara distribution which is a 
Japanese distribution, so i didn't have the kind of problems for what 
i'm writing now:)
i need help to configure my Linux to be able to to input Japanese, 
either with Canna, Wnn, FreeWnn, Kinput2  or Whatever, i'm just stuck 
and i need help!
i tryed a lot myself, and i'm still stuck could someone, please be kind 
enough to guide me to do the few steps to be able to "Wrtie in Japanese" 
this is my request, Tasukete wo kudasai--- !  :)

my email adress is: yggdrasil.keisangi@free.fr
please if you can't help, tell me where i can find docs, or help or 
whatever, don't hesitate, everything you could say could be useful,
thanks a lot for your time !

nicolas .

http://www.freewnn.org/ FreeWnn Project