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   Hi, my name is nicolas
   I've  installed today Linux Mandrake8.1 ( i've choose: install japanese 
   support during install, and it said me that freewnn will be installed)
   But , now Linux is installed, i can't figure how to input Japanese, i 
   can't find nowhere a document telling me how to do for being ready to 
   wrtie Japanese.
   Before try this mandrake8.1 i was on linux Kondara2.0  ( a japanese 
   distribution ) the hotkeys for starting the Freewnn XIM was " 
   ctrl+shift+space " but it don't seems to work with this mandrake 8.1 
   Could you please tell me how to being able to start to input Japanese on 
   my Mandrake8.1 please? or, tell me where i can find docs about it (in 
   english if possible, since i'm a beginner Japanese student, and a 
   beginner on using Linux systems  too )
   Thank you for your time .

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